Presentation and Discussion of Veterinary Learning Assignments/Tasks with the participation of Goris Agricultural College MAVETA Project Partners

On April 11, 2024 “Strategic Development Agency” (SDA) NGO, organized a workshop on presentation and discussion of veterinary learning assignments with the participation of teachers and students of Goris Agricultural College and veterinarians within the framework of the “Modernizing Vocational Education and Training in Agriculture in Armenia” (MAVETA) project.

Lilit Beglaryan, the Adviser of SDA MAVETA Project made a speech of welcome and emphasized the importance of the cooperation of the structures present at the workshop as the key of successful implementation of dual education.

Afterwards, Mikael Haykuni, Veterinarian/Expert from Strategic Development Agency NGO, presented the participants with practical assignments/tasks of dual education in Veterinary profession which were developed with the support of experts from the Bern University of Applied Sciences (HAFL).The expert also mentioned the significance of documents as a tool to be applied during collaboration among apprentice, teacher and employer. The teachers of the college and mentors actively discussed each learning assignment and, based on the discussion, it was suggested to revise them according to the curriculum modules.