Stakeholder Dialogue Platform of VET donor organizations

In October 2017, the Strategic Development Agency (SDA) NGO, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia, established a Stakeholder Dialogue Platform within the framework of the “Vocational Education and Training (VET) Development in Syunik marz” project by uniting VET donor organizations and those stakeholders which contribute to the development of the VET system in Armenia.

The project is being implemented in partnership with the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (HAFL) and with the support of HEKS/EPER.

The main purpose of the platform is to effectively coordinate the projects implemented in the field, to provide experience and information exchange and to disseminate the results of the project. Within the years of 2017-2020 a total of four meetings of the platform took place with the participation of more than 20 organizations and main stakeholders operating in the field.

Due to the regular organized meetings, the platform has enabled the donor organizations and main stakeholders to get acquainted with the projects implemented in the field in a more detailed way ensuring dialogue and feedback.