3R STRATEGY is a consulting company established in 2001 and specialized in business, marketing, management, financial etc. consulting and training to local and foreign enterprises. The range of services offered includes but is not limited to: quantitative and qualitative researches, impact studies, market researches and development of project strategies, business & strategic planning, training, macroeconomic studies (e.g. value chains/sub-sectors), development projects design and implementation, management consulting, etc. The company is acting either alone or in combination with its' development/project arm: «Strategic Development Agency» (SDA) NGO to assure maximal flexibility and efficiency of provided services customized to the client requirements. Since its establishment, our company has been successfully cooperating with a number of international & local organizations (USAID projects, UNDP, IFAD/FREEDA, European Policy and Legal Advice Centre (AEPLAC), Millennium Challenge Account - Armenia SNCO (MCC/MCA), Asian Development Bank (PADECO/ADB), Business Advisory Services (BAS/EBRD), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center of Armenia (SME DNC), various Ministries of RA, State Department of Migration etc. and over 100 large, medium and small local enterprises. One of the strengths of our company is extensive experience in conducting similar assignments by both: the core staff, large pool of short-term experts as well as successful cooperation/alliances with other Yerevan based and regional BSPs. 3R Strategy has successfully completed a vast number of projects, including value chain studies, market researches, consumers’ preference studies, surveys, management consulting etc. Below are selectively listed projects successfully implemented by 3R Strategy during past years:



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Over 55 for startups 

Business & Investment Plans

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Over 110 for SMEs and large companies

Management Consulting

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Over 45 successful cooperations

Value Chain Analysis

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Over 15 involved industries 

Market Researches

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Over 35 implemented projects


«Economic empowerment of women in Gegharkunik and Shirak marzes» project

«Economic empowerment of women in Gegharkunik and Shirak marzes» the project was implemented by UNDP Armenia in partnership with "Green Lane" NGO and "3R Strategy" LLC (2019-2021). "3R Strategy" LLC was responsible for implementation ...
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“Conduction of gross margin survey in the republic of Armenia”

Client/Ordered by: “EU Green Agriculture Initiative in Armenia (EU GAIA)” Project  The Project intended to test a methodology to obtain such information through the pilot gross margin surveys for the crops and animal products ...
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“Support with Business Coaching – Business Model and Strategy Development to the project target groups”

Client/Ordered by: The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) in the framework of “Local Empowerment of Actors for Development in Shirak province of Armenia (LEAD4Shirak)” project The objective of this assignment is to provide business coaching ...
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Study for the definition of value chains for the development of family farming in Syunik

Client/Ordered by: HimnaTavush Development Fund To improve food security and living standards and to ensure that families in rural communities remain firmly rooted in their communities, by developing and diversifying their production, and by ...
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5. Republic challenge
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8. IRD
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