Career Promotion Day in Sisian

On May 13, the “Strategic Development Agency” NGO within the framework of “Modernizating Vocational Education and Training in Agriculture in Armenia” (MAVETA) program organized a Career Promotion Day in Sisian, Syunik Marz.

Lilit Beglaryan, VET consultant of the MAVETA program, Gagik Khachatryan, acting director of the Sisian branch of the National Agrarian University of Armenia, Mary Yolyan, VET manager, Husik Stepanyan, director of the “SisAlp” dairy factory welcomed the pupils at the Smart Agricultural Center of the ANAU’s Sisian branch.

In her speech, Lilit Beglaryan presented the possibilities of dual educational system, the professions introduced by dual approach at the Sisian branch of the ANAU, including the “Orchard worker” specialty that will be introduced in the 2024-2025 school year, and emphasized the trends of modernization of agriculture and the growing demand for agricultural specialists in the labor market.

The pupils took a tour of the greenhouse, the garden, the livestock farm and the park of agricultural machinery, got acquainted with the innovative technologies introduced in the center that replace human labor, and participated in the laboratory demonstrative examination of milk.

Syunik Municipality, assessing the importance of career planning and awareness of pupils in the region, ensured the participation of pupils from the community schools.

Career Promotion Day in Goris

The Career Promotion Day events were organized by Strategic Development Agency NGO within the framework of the “Modernizating Vocational Education and Training in Agriculture in Armenia” (MAVETA) project in Syunik Marz.

On May 11, over eighty school students from settlements of the Goris community got acquainted with the agricultural specialties taught at the Goris State Agricultural College in Khot village.

Welcoming the participants, Lilit Beglaryan, VET consultant of  MAVETA project, presented the specialties taught in the college with a dual educational approach, including milk and dairy technology, dairy farm management, farm management, veterinary, agricultural mechanization. In her speech, Lilit Beglaryan emphasized the successful experience of introducing modern innovative technologies in the rural sector and the demand and career prospects of specialists with agricultural education in the labor market.

Anna Torozyan, director of Goris Agricultural College, in her speech emphasized the role of specialists with agricultural education for the development of communities and Syunik marz, assured the students that the professionalism of college faculty and cooperation with private companies are a sufficient basis for getting quality education and finding a guaranteed job.

Then the schoolchildren participated at the performance of milk laboratory testing  and production of suluguni cheese by the college teacher Lilit Avetisyan and the students. Later on, they visited the animals kept at The Ranch LLC, which was accompanied by the the demonstration of mastitis testing by Armo Gabrielyan, a veterinarian of The Ranch LLC, and also had a question and answer session with the college teachers and employers.

At the end of the day the event was closed with the screening of an animation about dual educational system and the reception.


Professional promotion day in Stepanavan

On 8th of May Strategic Development Agency NGO organized Professions Promotion Day in Stepanavan within the framework of “Modernizing Vocational Education and Training in Agriculture in Armenia” (MAVETA) project.

Lilit Beglaryan, the VET consultant of MAVETA project, along with Ara Chobanyan, the director of Stepanavan State Agricultural College, and other officials, greeted a group of 70 students from the schools of Lori marz upon their arrival to the college.

Lilit Beglaryan, the VET consultant of MAVETA project, presented the professions taught in the college with a dual educational approach.  She introduced the benefits and  advantages of dual education, the demand for agricultural professionals in the labor market and career opportunities available.

The students observed a laboratory experiment conducted by agricultural college students, focusing on diagnosing infectious diseases and witnessed the process of making a curd.

Then the pupils toured the college, got acquainted with the students’ daily life and met with the representatives of MAVETA project and the college’s partner private companies, who presented them their success stories.

In the second half of the day, one group of pupils visited the “Lorva Kat” dairy processing company, attended the production process of Chechil cheese, while the second group visited to Meruzhan Gharibyan’s “smart” cattle farm, got acquainted with the construction of cattle sheds and dairies using modern technologies, which allow to organize  the work in an automated mode without human labor.

LILA project’s partnering tour operators participated in the ATMDubai2024 international exhibition

From 6th-9th of May, 2024, three tour operators: AM TRAVEL, Armland Adventure Club, and Ruben Tours LLC joined forces for the #ATMDubai2024 international exhibition, showcasing Armenia’s tourism potential and the nature-based experiences provided by them. The involvement in this exhibition was facilitated and organized with the support of “Living Landscapes for Market Development in Armenia” (LILA) project.

Through their presence at #ATMDubai2024, these tour operators had the opportunity to engage with a diverse array of visitors, industry professionals, and potential partners.

By showcasing the country’s tourism offerings on an international stage, they aimed to attract more travelers to Armenia and contribute to its sustainable development.


Career promotion day in Etchmiatsin

Within the framework of the Modernizing Vocational Education and Training in Agriculture in Armenia (MAVETA) project, Strategic Development Agency (SDA) NGO organized a “Career Promotion Day” in Etchmiadzin on 3rd of May.

Dozens of students from Armavir marz schools were welcomed at Etchmiadzin State Vocational School by Lilit Hovhannisyan, MAVETA project manager, Manuk Nazaryan, vocational college director and other representatives of the event.

In her speech, Lilit Hovhannisyan emphasized that taking into consideration the demand for specialists working in nut and fruit orchards in the region, the “Orchard worker” specialty will be introduced in the college from the 2024-2025 school year, which will be taught with a dual education approach.

Then the students walked around the booths presented in the courtyard of the college, got acquainted with the professions, had interactions with students, teachers and representatives of private companies.

“Walnut Farms” manager Serob Mnatsakanyan and agronomist Karen Minasyan talked with schoolchildren about their experience and success stories in the field of orchard, as well as about self-expression and high income in the agricultural sector.

In the second half of the day, a group of students visited the orchards of “Vanand Agro” company, located on the territory of Vanand village. During the tour, Hayk Stepanyan, the manager of the orchard, presented to the schoolchildren the features of the cultivation of sorghum, the agricultural machinery, noted the importance of competent orchard workers and encouraged the students to be engaged in agriculture.