Awareness-raising visits to regional schools were organized within the framework of the MAVETA project

On March 19-20, within the framework of “Modernizing Vocational Education and Training in Agriculture in Armenia” (MAVETA) program of the Strategic Development Agency NGO, Lilit Beglaryan, VET coordinator at MAVETA, Kamo Jivanyan, career officer at Stepanavan State Agricultural College, teachers paid an awareness visit to secondary schools of Tashir community, Lori Marz.

More than 150 students of the 9th grade had the opportunity to receive information about the educational process in vocational institutions, the advantages of dual education, prospects for finding jobs in case of choosing an agricultural and/or other profession.

Later, Ashot Khanumyan, a young veterinarian serving several communities in Lori Marz, presented to the students the peculiarities of the profession, his work routine and talked about the great demand for veterinarians in the current labor market.