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With small steps towards big dream

Ani Sukiasyan was born in 2002 in the town of Tashir, Lori Region. Despite her young age, she has been working at “Lorva Kat” company for several years.

In 1998 my parents founded a small dairy factory, which today, thanks to their hard work, became one of the famous dairy companies in Tashir.

My whole life, my childhood and youth, was spent in that company. After finishing school, without hesitation, I decided to enter Stepanavan State Agricultural College named after Professor A. Kalantar, Department of Dairy Technology.

In 2019, while still being a student, I participated in the contest of young technologists held in Georgia and due to the cheese I made, I won the first place.

After three years and six months of studying at the college, I entered the Faculty of Food Technology of ANAU and started working in the cheese and dairy factory founded by my parents.

I was also entrusted to be the head of apprenticeship and organize the practice of the students studying in the faculty of dairy technology at Stepanavan State Agricultural College for the academic year of 2021-2022.

Development of technologies and modernization of work no longer require physical strength. Today, education and the introduction of scientific methods are crucial. I’d want to underline that while picking a career, don’t consider if it’s a “male” or “female” one. Let your preference be your guide.

Dairy products are essential for the human nutrition, it is considered indispensable and has an exceptional importance in children’s diet, especially in the early stages of their lives.

I have had a dream since I was a child, which I will try to fulfill at any cost: production of infant milk powder and ice cream in Armenia. To produce milk mixture large volumes of milk is needed to be collected, which is not possible under these conditions, but I hope that one day I will fulfill my dream and establish a factory that will become a worthy competitor to the imported brands.

I have already started the path to fulfill my dream, this year with the help of my parents I initiated the establishment of the ice cream factory, which I hope will soon delight the children of Lori region with its products.