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Conscious choice of profession

Hiriknaz Egnatosyan has been working for many years as a veterinarian in Gtashen settlement of Amasia community. He has also been engaged in animal husbandry for many years.

Veterinary is the most desirable profession for those who love animals, and many children begin to indicate their interest in this profession at a very early age.  Since I was a little child, I have enjoyed playing with and caring for animals. During my school years, I also developed an interest in the areas of biology and chemistry. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to become a veterinarian when I had to choose my career. My parents learnt that there had been a chance for rural residents without exams to be admitted to the Yerevan Zootechnical-Veterinary Institute on the condition that they would return to the area and practice medicine in Amasia after graduation.

This idea excited me a lot, I thought it was a good opportunity to fulfill my dream, get a higher education, get a job and stay in the same place where I was born and grew up.

I moved to Yerevan to study, where I also met my future husband, who came to Armenia from Georgia to study veterinary.

Since we both loved this profession, we participated in both theoretical and practical classes with great love and enthusiasm. After graduation, we settled in the village of Gtashen in Amasia and both of us got jobs: I started working as the manager of the Gtashen district Zootechnical-Veterinary Station, and my husband as a veterinarian.

The profession of a veterinarian is very interesting. If you love your profession, you will definitely succeed. Your life’s work should bring you joy, satisfaction and increase your self-esteem.

For about 30 years, my husband and I have been working as veterinarians, serving two villages: Gtashen and Kamkhut. We have a 24-hour veterinary point-pharmacy.

I am glad that I made the exact decision in choosing my profession at the right time and if I had the chance again, I would choose the same profession.
Veterinary is a very important profession in terms of maintaining human health. We veterinarians often say that a doctor treats people and a veterinarian treats humanity. Many people are unaware that certain diseases, known as zoonotic diseases, can be contracted from animals and then transferred to humans. If we do not cure animals or stop the spread of diseases among them, the number of illnesses and epidemics that can affect humans will be several times higher.

After many years of practice as a veterinarian, I am pleased to say that I have assisted numerous farmers and provided guidance on how to properly care for animals or rapidly address illnesses before seeking the assistance of veterinarians.