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Love gives strength

Marine Zadayan, a female farmer from Verishen settlement of Goris community, is filled with enviable enthusiasm and boundless love when she talks about her animals. She has raised four children, has been involved in animal husbandry for more than 35 years, and has worked as a teacher for 25 years.

Only those who know me can tell how much I adore and care about my animals. My interest in animal husbandry and animals stems from my youth. My parents resided in the village and had a large number of farm animals. Despite getting an education and becoming a teacher, I never ceased caring for animals. From a young age, I used to take the animals to the highlands and make cheese, butter, and yogurt.

I enjoy serving my guests cheese prepared from my animals’ milk and fresh mountain thyme picked by my own hands. If we want our country to be strong and developed, I believe we should engage in agriculture. “The famine came, and the cow saved us,” is a good proverb that I often quote.

Cattle breeding is a challenging work, but if done with love, all challenges may be overcome.

I disagree with the notion that there is nothing to do in the villsge. Farming is a viable career option in Armenia. Agriculture consists of several distinct components, including animal husbandry. But if you dislike dealing with animals, you might like doing greenhouse or other work.

As a farmer, I have faced all challenges with honor and pride, and I have never stopped working to develop my farm, increase the number of animals, and improve their conditions.

Currently, I have 12 small ruminants and 30 cattle, and I have built a new barn and refurbished my modest shelter in the highlands where I take my animals for grazing.

Aside from farm management, I am also a history teacher and the deputy director in charge of disciplinary management at Akner settlement’s secondary school.

My passion for education and science was passed down to my children, all of them graduated from high school with honors and moved on to pursue the higher education.