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Successful cooperation and mutual respect

Lead farmer Arthur Bekchyan and his family are based in Lori region’s Margahovit village where they work in the livestock industry. Arthur is a builder by profession, after working abroad for several years, he decided to move to his homeland and get involved in the livestock sector.

When he came back to Armenia in 2017, Arthur decided to become a registered entrepreneur to be able to buy and sell cattle appropriately. After familiarizing with the Project «Livestock development in Armenia: South and North», he decided to become a beneficiary.

After joining the Project, he was able to ameliorate the care conditions of the animals, to buy a feeder, in order to turn wet and dry animal feeds into a homogeneous mass, to organize the feeding of animals more efficiently. From the new veterinarian point established by the Project, the farmer is able to receive the necessary medecins and consultations, which will result to an increase of quality of veterinarian services.

As a result of the technical support of the project, the farmer also took some corrective steps to save the environmental and natural resources. A solar water heater has already been installed to save electricity. Thanks to the project interventions, a silage pit was built for high-value fodder crops production which allows the preparation of silage during the vegetation period, which is used to organize the feeding of animals with silage during the winter-nursery period.

«The Project has been a great achievement for my family and business. Diligence, patriotism and devotion together have yielded positive results. My future plans are related to meat production. I will cooperate with the Vanadzor slaughterhouse in accordance with the rules of food safety in order to carry out proper activity of meat production» – mentioned the lead farmer.