The “Skills, knowledge and intermediation development” pilot project is implemented by Strategic Development Agency (SDA) NGO with the support of HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation-cooperating partner to SIDA.

The pilot project supports unemployed women and youth as well as other disadvantaged and excluded groups to improve their (self)employability (income-generating and job opportunities) through enhanced capacities of public and private skills and knowledge providers and employers and incentives to collaborate, develop and offer improved and relevant formal & non-formal training in tourism/hospitality and agriculture/agribusiness sectors. The pilot project has two main objectives: (i) a skilling enhancing objective seeks to achieve improved performance of training provision for relevant and future-oriented training system, (ii) an employment or income-generation access objective seeks to facilitate development of operational structures and services that enable matching of skills and employment or income-generating opportunities by a range of stakeholders.

Being implemented through application of Market System Development (MSD) approach the pilot aims to improve the partnership between employers, VET colleges, non-formal training/career orientation service providers and job seekers (especially young people and women). The cooperation between the various market players and effectively functioning skills development system in general will help to reduce unemployment and create more and diverse opportunities for unemployed youth and women.