Two female farmers nominated by SDA win the annual “Female Food Hero 2018” Award

“Food Female Hero 2018” Awarding Ceremony, organized by RA Ministry of Agriculture at the initiative of OXFAM Armenia office and financed by Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the operational unit of Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), took place on March 8 in Yerevan. Following the already established tradition, it also marked the International Women’s Day. The Award is a unique tribute to the role and achievements of Armenian women in promoting agricultural production and food safety. It is a valuable platform for experience exchange and provides these female entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their product, share their experience and achievements, as well as bring to attention issues they have faced along their journey. The ceremony was spiced up by the attendees’ tour in Komitas Museum Institute, flowers and a string quartet.
As an important player in the field, Strategic Development Agency (SDA), which has gender equality as one of the core values of its efforts to develop agriculture in general and livestock in particular, nominated its own candidates along with other state and local self-governing bodies, as well as local and international institutions. Two of them – Lida Mkrtchyan and Tamara Yenoqyan – won the award. They have both been beneficiaries of SDA’s “Livestock Development in the South of Armenia” project for a long time, demonstrating progress and


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