Training on “Methodology and functions of pasture management development and modernization”

On June 10 2021 a training was organized on the topic “Methodology and functions of pasture management plan development and modernization” for the staff of the Amasia municipality in Shirak marz of RA.

The training was organized within the pilot project “Introducing pasture and grassland maps for sustainable pasture and grasslands management practices in Lori and Shirak marzes of Armenia” which is financed by the GIZ ECOSERVE Project, with co-financing from the “Livestock Development in the South of Armenia” project implemented by “Strategic Development Agency” NGO with financial support of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

The aim of the training was to supplement the knowledge of the employees of the municipality on such topics as:

  • Composition of pasture feed demand and base,
  • Calculation of allowable pasture loading and pasture area per conventional large unit,
  • Preparation of pasture rotation plan and pasture use schedule and regulations according to regular grazing method,
  • Development of rotational pasture management plans (management plans).

The course ended with a discussion on the topics. Participants explored the role of such trainings in the optimal use of natural resources.