Training course for teachers on “Milk and dairy technology” profession was organized

A three-day training course for the teachers of “Milk and dairy technology” profession took place at Goris State Agricultural College from 5-7 June, 2019. The training course was organized by Strategic Development Agency in the framework of the “VET development in Syunik marz” project. In total 10 teachers participated in the course from Goris State Agricultural College, ANAU Sisian branch, Armenian-Greek State College, Gavar State Agricultural College, Stepanavan State Agricultural College. The main aim of the training course was to help the teachers to improve their knowledge and equip them with practical skills which they will be able to use later in their daily work with students.

During the training course the teachers learnt how to do bacteriological examination, how to use the innovative equipment which was available at the Milk laboratory of Goris State Agricultural College, as well as familiarized themselves with the technology of chanakh and suluguni cheese production and were involved in the production of the mentioned cheeses. Teachers were very excited as for the first time they got opportunity to apply their theoretical


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