Training course for slaughterhouse veterinary-experts

From the 1st of July of 2020, the transition to the mandatory slaughterhouse is planned to be held in the Republic of Armenia.In this regard, by the initiative of the RA Food Safety Inspectorate and Strategic Development Agency NGO,

in frames of “Livestock Development in the South of Armenia” project financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, a training course for slaughterhouse veterinary experts will be organized. The training course will be organized via an online system provided by the National Agrarian University of Armenia.The training aims to provide slaughterhouses with trained specialists, who will start to work in the slaughterhouses from the 1st of July.The proposed course will include the provision of information required for the activities to be undertaken by the slaughterhouse veterinarian-expert, both in terms of pre-disinfection, as well as post-disinfection processes.Participants who have successfully completed the course will be awarded a veterinary expert certificate.Anyone, wishing to obtain a certificate of a slaughterhouse veterinarian-expert, can get acquainted with the terms of participation and the registration procedure by visiting the following link:  https://anau.am/training-veterinarian-expert/.



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