The practice was organized for students of “junior veterinarian” department from Goris State Agricultural College

From 17-21 June, 2019 7 students from Goris State Agricultural College, department of “Junior veterinarian” had their practice in Yerevan.& The practice was organized in the framework of “VET development in Syunik marz” project by “Strategic Development Agency” NGO in cooperation with Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU).

During their practice students visited veterinary clinics of ANAU, Yerevan Zoological Garden and the adjacent clinics as well as “Wandering Animals” care center. During their visits the students had opportunity to participate in different surgeries performed on domestic animals, to familiarize themselves with different veterinary instruments and equipment, as well as to get answers to all the questions.

The practice was really effective as it contributed to the personal and professional development of students and enriched the knowledge of students in the field of veterinary.


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