The career guidance day was organized at Goris State Agricultural College

In the framework of “VET development in Syunik marz” project Strategic Development Agency in collaboration with Goris State Agricultural College organized “Professions Day” promotional event. The event took place at Goris State Agricultural College on 11th of May, 2019. It was organized for the second time. The main aim of the event was to promote the professions of “Veterinarian” and “Milk and Dairy Technologist” among the youngsters who are at the point of choosing their future career path. More than 100 schoolchildren from schools of Goris and Sisian communities participated in the event.

The event started with the welcoming speeches from the director of Goris State Agricultural College Mrs. Nune Avetisyan, and then “Vet development in Syunik marz” project manager Ms. Lilit Hovhannisyan summarized the official part of the event, encouraging the youngsters to choose one of the professions.

During the second part of the event the youngsters in 4 groups were given the opportunity to visit the open classes during which the employers and specialists of both professions talked about the advantages of their professions and their own experience as well as the milk and veterinary laboratories. In the milk laboratory the youngsters were introduced to different processes of milk processing also they had a chance to see the process of cheese making, while in the veterinary laboratory the youngsters had an opportunity to watch the film which was made during the practice the students had at Syunik Animal Market, as well as were introduced to different instruments and devices that are used at the laboratory. The youngsters had also opportunity to ask questions to the specialists and discover the possibilities that the professions could entail.

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