The annual Cheese Festival was held in Tashir

Tashir’s Day celebration and the annual cheese festival was held in Tashir town on 14th of October. Cheese festival was organized by Tashir municipality and supported by Strategic Development Agency (SDA) NGO within the framework of “Livestock Development in Armenia: South-North” Project.[1]

Tashir has a long history of milk production and processing. Almost all companies and private entrepreneurs involved in cheese production in Tashir and adjacent communities, as well as some beneficiaries of SDA’s projects from Lori (“Grand Milk” SP[2], “Lori Milk” LLC, “Vigen Grigoryan” SP, “Gagik Manukyan” SP), Shirak (“Haykavan Milk” SP), Tavush (“Tigran Shahnazaryan” SP ) and Gegharqunik regions (“Roza 1” AC[3]) participated in the festival. They presented varieties of dairy products giving an opportunity to the festival guests to taste and appreciate high quality of their produce.

Tasting of cheese, wine, and sweets along with the concert program made the event a real celebration for numerous guests and residents of Tashir town.


[1] Financed by the Austrian Development Agency, the operational unit of Austrian Development Cooperation and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

[2] Sole proprietorship

[3] Agricultural Cooperative


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