Swiss Delegation Visit to “Yerpin”

The President of the Lower House of the Swiss Parliament and the Co-chairman of Switzerland-Armenia parliamentary friendship group Mr. Dominique de Buman heading the delegation of Swiss parliamentarians paid his first visit to Armenia, after being elected as the President of the National Council.

One of the first places the delegation got to see during the visit taking place in the period of 3-8 February 2018, was “Yerpin” Agricultural Cooperative of Yelpin rural settlement in Vayots Dzor marz.

“Yerpin” Agricultural Cooperative is a high-value cheese production cooperative uniting cattle farmers from Yelpin village. With the support of the “LIVESTOCK DEVELOPMENT IN THE SOUTH OF ARMENIA” Project and other development initiatives such as: ENPARD Project of UNDP, USAID etc., it has enhanced and reequipped its milk collection and production capacities and started producing new types of cheese, namely, “Lori”, “Chanakh”, “Gouda” and “Parmesan”, thus, ensuring a stable milk market for the farmers of Yelpin and nearby rural settlements.

During the visit, the parliamentarians of the two countries were taken for a tour around the Cooperative and shown the process of cheese making and conditions of where the cheese is being kept and ripened.



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