Support Provided to “Vaccination of Farm Animals” State Project

To ensure the proper implementation of veterinary anti-epidemic measures and to promote public awareness about them, within the framework of the “Vaccination of Farm Animals” project, technical support in creation and printing of information posters, as well as the purchase of necessary materials was provided by SDA NGO to the “Agricultural Services Center” SNCO of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia.

The support was provided as part of the “Livestock Development in the South of Armenia” project implemented by SDA NGO with the financial support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

To spread information about the prevention of infectious diseases among farmers, information posters were disseminated in the rural areas through regional municipalities. The posters call on farmers as well as community heads to act responsibly when it comes to the vaccination of farm animals. In order to facilitate the implementation of veterinary anti-epidemic measures in the set time frame, tripods, tuberculin syringes, personal protective equipment, gloves were provided to the “Agricultural Services Center” SNCO.

The purpose of the assistance is to support the structure in the smooth and safe implementation of diagnostic measures against infectious diseases for animals and humans in the following areas:

  • Raising awareness of the need for the anti-epidemic measures among livestock farms, the importance of their proper and timely implementation.
  • Equipping veterinarians with the necessary items for the complete and safe implementation of the anti-epidemic measures.