A training course on “Modern approaches in the field of veterinary parasitology” Copy

On November 24-25, 2021, in the Syunik Animal Market, within the framework of the “Livestock Development in the South of Armenia”  project funded by the “Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation” and implemented by the “Strategic Development Agency” NGO, a training course for veterinarians on “Modern approaches in veterinary parasitology” was held. The two-day training was conducted by the invited specialist Oleg Shcherbakov.

The training was attended by 24 veterinarians, the participants of the first day were the veterinarians from Goris and Sisian of the Syunik marz, and the participants of the second day were the veterinarians from Vayots Dzor marz and Kapan.

The aim of the course was to introduce to the regional specialists the modern methods of diagnostic research carried out within the framework of veterinary parasitology and procedures, as a result of which veterinarians with new knowledge will be able to accurately and quickly diagnose parasitic diseases in CECs, some of which are zoonotic diseases.

The training was conducted in practical conditions, by presenting the order of sampling from cattle, preparing the samples and examining them under a microscope. The participants were very active and enthusiastic about the meeting. Many practical questions were raised. Some also wondered how much investment would be required to have such a small laboratory facility.