Presentation and discussion of livestock movement’s roadmap

On 21-07-2021 in the Syunik Animal Market, a presentation and discussion on the livestock movement’s roadmap in the Syunik region of Armenia, supported by the “Livestock Development in the South” program, was held.

Representatives of the Syunik region’s enlarged communities of Tatev, Tegh, Goris, Gorayk, specialists of the engineering design company, program staff of SDA NGO took part in the meeting.

The importance of the livestock movement and the necessity of the initiative for the communities were pointed out once again during the discussion.

Gagik Beglaryan, a representative of the engineering design company, presented the work done during the implementation, the results obtained – the roadmap to properly organize the seasonal movement of shepherds and animals, and the location of existing and necessary infrastructure.

During the presentation and discussion of the livestock movement roadmap, suggestions were made on the most suitable infrastructure locations for the construction of veterinary checkpoints to control the movement of animals within the boundaries of the administrative territories of all communities, to determine the availability of water resources along with the livestock movement.

At the end of the meeting, the further steps of the roadmap implementation were pointed out.

P.S. The idea of the initiative came up on April 30, 2019, during the 4th workshop of the Program Coordination Platform for Sustainable Management of RA’s Natural Fodder Areas: Pastures and Grasslands, when the communities of Syunik Region raised the issue of regulating the livestock seasonal movement of Tegh, Goris and Tatev communities of Syunik Region to the summer pastures of Gorayk community.