Practical exchange visits for knowledge improvement, mutual cooperation and professional development

Within the framework of the farmers’ capacities and skills development component of the “Livestock Development in the South of Armenia” project, during November of 2021, two practical exchange visits were carried out in order to improve knowledge, mutual cooperation, and professional connections.

Two different groups of farmers took part in the practical visits: a total of 66 women and young farmers from 15 settlements of Syunik and Vayots Dzor marzes, in particular, from 37 farmers from 8 settlements of Syunik (Bnunis, Ashotavan, Balak, Mutsk, Ltsen, Vorotan, Lor, Brnakot) and 29 farmers from 7 settlements of Dzor (Kechut, Khndzorut, Artavan, Gomq, Martiros, Yelpin).

The farmers visited ta lead farm in the Margahovit settlement of the Lori region, observed the conditions of the barn built with innovative approaches.

The presence of purebred animals and the discussions on productivity made the efficiency of farming more visible. Fodder production is essential for the proper management of livestock. Features of nutrition that have a direct impact on productivity were highlighted. Various fodder rations and technological steps for the cultivation of possible high-value fodder crops were discussed.

The visits were followed by a training course on “Entrepreneurship Capacity Development”, which included detailed, interactive discussions, games, and exercises.

Farmers were provided with booklets and brochures on various spheres of cattle breeding.