Pieces of training on effective pasture management and gender awareness have been launched

During March-April of 2019,  Strategic Development Agency NGO’s project team planned to conduct a series of training in Gegharkunik region on effective pasture management and gender awareness for primary and key stakeholders of “Livestock Development in Armenia: South-North project”.

The pieces of training were organized in the municipalities of Shoghakat and Tchambarak of Gegharkunik region. In total 71 farmers and representatives of local self-government bodies participated in the training. Due to the training, participants became aware of pastures effective management and gender mainstreaming in the SDA’s projects.

Strategic Development Agency NGO, highlighting women economic empowerment, pays special attention to the needs of women in the rural areas, ensures their equal participation in decision-making processes and supports them to equally benefit from basic services and improved or established infrastructures.

The trainings were organized in frames of “Livestock Development in Armenia, South-North” Project, which is implemented  by Strategic Development Agency NGO, and financed by the Austrian Development Agency, the operational unit of Austrian Development Cooperation and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.


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