Participation in the Harvest Festival: Rural Life and Traditions

Two partners of Strategic Development Agency’s “Livestock Development in the South of Armenia” Project “Erpin” Agricultural Cooperative and “Liana Grigoryan” SP along with 2 active beneficiaries of “Livestock Development in Armenia: South-North” Project “Grand Milk” LLC and “KaraevKaren” LLC participated in the “Harvest Festival: Rural Life and Traditions”. They presented a wide range of their products. The Harvest Festival: Rural Life and Traditions is organized on an annual basis by Green Lane NGO with the support of local and international organizations. This year the festival took place on 26-27th of September, in Dzoraghbyur village, Green Training Center.

The main goal of the festival is to support the development of rural communities. It is already the fifth year that “Strategic Development Agency” NGO is an organizational partner of the Festival.

Competitions among farmers and their groups took place on 26th of September, as well as interesting events and games for children and teenagers were organized. The Festival was accompanied by live music, traditional songs and dances. The best fruits, vegetables, dairy foods, honey, dried fruits were exhibited during this “tasty” festival and all attendants had a unique chance to taste and later on to buy those. During this festival, farmers from almost all regions of Armenia were willingly presenting their high-quality products with a great taste and look.