Meeting/discussion on educational materials for “Junior Veterinarian” profession.

In the framework of “VET development in Syunik marz” project Strategic Development Agency NGO organized a meeting/discussion with the Target Group Representatives (TGR) on March 28-29, 2019 in Aghveran.

The main aim of the meeting was to present developed teaching materials for the profession of “Junior Veterinarian” to the teachers from agricultural colleges implementing the profession and to private veterinarians. The meeting involved representatives from RA Ministry of Education and Science (MoES), National Center for VET Development, teachers from Goris State Agricultural College, Stepanavan State Agricultural College, Gavar State Agricultural College, private veterinarians and representatives from the National Association of Veterinarians NGO.

The meeting started with the welcome speeches by the Head of VET department of Ministry of Education of RA Artak Aghbalyan and the project manager Lilit Hovhannisyan. The project expert Meruzhan Zadayan presented shortly the educational standard and curriculum based on which the educational materials have been developed. During the meeting the main approach used for developing the teaching materials has been presented. The teaching material of each module contains a descriptive part and general description, the main learning objectives that the student should reach after its completion, as well as some practical exercises and a test for checking to which extent the students learnt the topic. Besides after each part there is a list of links and didactic materials used for the development of teaching materials. Then, the developed teaching materials for each module have been presented to participants in details by showing the whole structure. The participants had also possibility to ask questions, to discuss each part of the materials and to make comments and present suggestions. On the second day the participants continued discussion of the materials and finalized the suggestions.

All the comments and suggestions will be considered by the expert and according to them relevant modifications will be made in the materials. Overall all the participants were very satisfied with the meeting and mentioned that the approach used for the development of materials was very effective as due to it the materials are very much accessible both for teachers and students.


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