Adventure Hike in Lori for future guides

On October 9 of 2021, Strategic Development Agency NGO, with the support of Sida’s partner HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, organized an adventure hike in Lori within the framework of the “Skills, Knowledge and Intermediation Development” pilot project. The project partner is the well-known “Association of Armenian Mountaineers” NGO.

Prior to the hike, the participants were provided with some information on hiking tourism and were presented the general rules and instructions for participation.

40 adventurous youth and women who want to become guides and run adventure hikes in the future took part in the hiking. During the event the participants hiked (14-15 km) to Surb Nshan Church of the medieval Monastry Horomayr and Kobayravank.

In order the participants have real fun and get the allowable dose of adrenaline, the hike was concluded with an extreme sport – rafting. It was organized for all the participants providing them with the opportunity to enjoy the adventure tourism by rafting on the Debed River for 1.5 hours.

The participants were very pleased; already during the hike some of them were thinking of developing their hiking road maps and conducting hikes in their regions.