“Hiking Tourism” 4-day training held in Vayots Dzor

On June 15-18, four-day “Hiking Tourism” training developed and organized by Armenian Hikers Association in frames of the “Skills and Knowledge Intermediation Development” pilot project, was held in Vayots Dzor region.

The “Skills, Knowledge and Intermediation Development” pilot project is implemented by Strategic Development Agency (SDA) NGO with the support of HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation -cooperating partner to SIDA.

The “Hiking Tourism” training module combines theoretical and practical methods ensuring the effective assimilation of delivered material. The training aims to equip the participants with practical knowledge contributing to the self-sufficiency of tourism industry employees and (self)employability improvement in the region with high tourism potential.

As a result of the four-day training, the participants got acquainted with the main trends in hiking tourism, popular applications, and all safety measures. The participants developed relevant tour packages based on the acquired knowledge and skills. On the last day of the training, a hiking trip to Spitakavor monastery was organized. The participants practically used the acquired knowledge through the trip, getting an in-depth understanding of the rules of leading a hike and ensuring the safety of the group. At the end of the training one of the bridges of the trail leading to Spitakavor monastery was recovered with participants’ efforts.