Exchange visit to Poland was organized for representatives of dairy companies from Armenia

 Exchange visit to Poland for representatives of dairy companies from Armenia was organized by «Strategic Development Agency» NGO from 28th of January to 2nd of February, 2019. The exchange visit was organized in copperation with Warsaw Agricultural University. Totally 20 specialists from target regions of «Livestock Development in Armenia: South-North» and «Livestock Development in the South of Armenia» projects participated in the exchange visit, including representatives from middle and small companies, agriculture cooperatives such as Haykavan Kat, Erpin, as well as the representatives of  large-scale companies  such as Marianna, Elola, Lori Kat, Sis-Alp, etc.

During the visit, participants had an opportunity to see best practices of farm management, milk production, collection, transportation, and processing. Planned visits to a farm and biggest dairy company in Poland served as a good platform to establish cooperation with Polish companies and specialists, as well as to see and test new equipment, to learn about new solutions and mechanisms for quality dairy production.

Another good opportunity was the participation in the Central Agriculture Trade 2019 EXPO, where participants from Armenia met colleagues from Poland and other European countries, discussed possible cooperation and familiarized themselves with the achievements, modern and effective solutions in the agriculture sector. The visit to Poland was also an excellent opportunity to meet specialists from Poland, discuss local problems and to compare them with the similar ones existing in Armenian dairy sector, trying to find effective solutions for all dairy companies.


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