Digital Marketing Training Held for Members of the Armenian Tourism Federation

A training course on Digital Marketing was organized for representatives of the Armenian Tourism Federation member companies.

During the ten-day course the participants learned how to develop a media marketing strategy for the tourism business and measure its effectiveness, run websites more effectively, use SEO optimization and analytics tools.

“As a result of the training, the participants expanded their knowledge of digital marketing directions and platforms, had discussions, exchanged experiences, proposed new ideas. The final testing revealed that at least 90% of the participants have mastered the material and can apply the knowledge for development of the company’s marketing. All the participants mentioned that the training was effective both in terms of transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge and exchange of experience” – commented Gayane Dallakyan, the trainer, founder-director of DM Consulting company, and a certifieddigital marketing specialist.

The project manager of the Armenian Tourism Federation Ashot Gasparyan remarked: “The trainers, as well as the teaching methodology have been most commendable. All the topics of the course were relevant and met the current market demands. I am confident that the theoretical and practical knowledge base that we gained during the course will contribute to the advancement of each of our organizations”.

The “Skills and Knowledge Development” pilot project is implemented by SDA NGO with the support of HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation – cooperating partner to Sida.