The Awareness Raising Campaign on “Benefits of Sustainable Pasture Management” in Syunik and Vayots Dzor Regions of RA is over

On 8th of September, the awareness-raising campaign under the slogan “Let’s preserve our pasture to protect the future of our children” on the benefits of sustainable pasture management launched on June 12, 2020, by 12 enlarged communities of Syunik and Vayots Dzor Regions, has been ended.

The awareness-raising campaign was organized in frames of “Livestock Development in the South of Armenia project, implemented by Strategic Development Agency NGO (SDA) and funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Due to the spread of new Coronavirus infection, the awareness raising campaign was conducted mainly through social media online platforms and media organizations.

The campaign aimed to create the culture of environmental protection, reasonable and safe use of natural resources, in particular the pastures among the local population.

The program team of Strategic Development Agency NGO provided technical assistance to the relevant staff of Syunik and Vayots Dzor regions’ enlarged communities to develop texts and visual materials in the framework of the campaign.

During three months 40 text/photo posts, 3 video posts have been published on their Facebook or website pages. During the awareness raising campaign, a drawing contest for children entitled “My Pasture” has been launched in 12 enlarged communities in Syunik and Vayots Dzor Regions of RA. The main goal of the contest was to increase children’s interest and knowledge about pasture conservation, as well as to raise responsibility towards the environment.

To reach people who do not use social media and increase efficiency of campaign, informative flyers on two topics – “Advantages of Sustainable Pasture Management” and “Production of Fodder Crops in the conditions of climate change” have been developed and distributed.

In addition to this, a reportage about benefits of pasture management in Sisian community was developed and broadcasted on a regional TV channel.


A drawing contest for children entitled “MY PASTURE” is over, the winners received prizes

From July 8 to August 7, 12 communities of Syunik and Vayots Dzor marzes of RA organized a drawing contest for the children entitled “MY PASTURE”, which was aimed at raising children’s interest in the environment, particularly in pastures protection. An attempt was made to identify the existing issues and possible solutions in this field through the children’s point of view. The drawing contest was held in the framework of the “Advantages of Sustainable Pasture Management” awareness-raising campaign.

Awareness-raising campaign was supported by “Livestock Development in the South of Armenia” project implemented by Strategic Development Agency NGO and financed by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

195 children at the age of 7-14 from Areni, Gladzor, Yeghegis, Vayk, Zaritap, Jermuk communities of Vayots Dzor and Gorayk, Sisian, Goris, Tat, Kapan communities of Syunik marz took part in the contest and submitted more than 240 drawings which went through a stage of professional selection by the formed beforehand in each community independent jury, consisting of the municipality representatives, representatives of educational institutions and NGOs. More than 100 children received prizes.

From August 24 to 28, the municipalities organized the award ceremony, during which 26 out of participating children (14 girls and 8 boys) received certificates and various prizes – smartwatches, backpacks, educational games, and 82 children received the encouraging awards (drawing supplies). 

The selected pictures will be shown in the municipalities. 


The “Skills, knowledge and intermediation development” pilot project is implemented by Strategic Development Agency (SDA) NGO with the support of HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation-cooperating partner to SIDA.

The pilot project supports unemployed women and youth as well as other disadvantaged and excluded groups to improve their (self)employability (income-generating and job opportunities) through enhanced capacities of public and private skills and knowledge providers and employers and incentives to collaborate, develop and offer improved and relevant formal & non-formal training in tourism/hospitality and agriculture/agribusiness sectors. The pilot project has two main objectives: (i) a skilling enhancing objective seeks to achieve improved performance of training provision for relevant and future-oriented training system, (ii) an employment or income-generation access objective seeks to facilitate development of operational structures and services that enable matching of skills and employment or income-generating opportunities by a range of stakeholders.

Being implemented through application of Market System Development (MSD) approach the pilot aims to improve the partnership between employers, VET colleges, non-formal training/career orientation service providers and job seekers (especially young people and women). The cooperation between the various market players and effectively functioning skills development system in general will help to reduce unemployment and create more and diverse opportunities for unemployed youth and women.

“Promoting partnerships for effective work-based learning opportunities in VET”

Strategic Development Agency (SDA) NGO implements EU funded project on piloting the work-based learning model in agricultural vocational education and training (VET) in Syunik and Lori marzes of Armenia.

The project supports Goris and Stepanavan State Agricultural Colleges in strengthening the partnership with private sector by adopting work-based learning (WBL) in Veterinarian and Milk Technologist professions.

The project contributes to the establishment of a sustainable system of vocational education, which is tightly linked to the demand of the labour market. It also creates a replicable model and the respective competency for implementing work-based learning education in other VET institutions of Armenia.

The project’s focus is on developing the capacities of selected VET colleges (Goris and Stepanavan State Agricultural Colleges) and companies/employers in Syunik and Lori marzes through their involvement in the selected professions curricula revision and capacity development trainings to ensure the provision of a comprehensive work-based learning model in professional education.


“VET Development in Syunik Marz”

Strategic Development Agency (SDA) NGO in partnership with the Swiss organizations HEKS/EPER (Swiss Church Aid) and HAFL (the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences of the Bern University of Applied Sciences) implements a project in Vocational Education and Training (VET) in agriculture in the marz of Syunik in Armenia.

The project offers an opportunity to the Goris Agricultural College and Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU) Sisian branch (which are the only agricultural institutions in Syunik marz) to develop a practice-oriented VET in the specialties of Animal Health Technologist (AHT) and Milk Technologist (MT) adapted to the local context of Syunik marz in Armenia.

The project contributes to the development of vocational education and advisory services in agriculture by putting in practice innovative approaches and creates a more adapted market-oriented practical education in the field of veterinary, milk processing and delivery of advisory services to farmers.

The project’s focus is on developing the capacities of selected VET colleges (ANAU Sisian branch and Goris Agricultural College) and strengthening the links between VET schools and private sector to provide competence and activity-oriented practical education.