Around 100 school-age children from Syunik learn about veterinary and milk and dairy technology professions

Career advice day, organized by “Strategic Development Agency” (SDA) NGO, took place in Goris State Agricultural College on May 11. The event was organized within the framework of “VET Development in Syunik Marz” project, realized by SDA in partnership with the Swiss organizations HEKS/EPER (Swiss Church Aid) and HAFL (the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences of the Bern University of Applied Sciences).

The event aimed at raising awareness about the “Veterinary” and “Milk and Dairy technology” professions among school-age children of Syunik marz, their parents and teachers. The participants also received information on vocational training opportunities in Goris State Agricultural College and Armenian National Agrarian University Sisian Branch, as well as on future employment opportunities.  Around 100 school-age children from the schools of Goris and Sisian communities attended the event.

During the event participants had the chance to take part in the open lecture conducted by veterinary and milk technology specialists invited from Yerevan. The students also had the opportunity to visit milk processing plants, Syunik Animal Market and a veterinary and sanitary engineering lab.


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