Animal Market

Establishment of the Animal Market in 2015 was initiated under the “Livestock Development in Syunik Marz” Project (financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by Strategic Development Agency) to stimulate the cattle trade in Syunik and Vayots Dzor regions through development of a steady functioning animal market/fair, which allows to bring various buyers and sellers/farmers into one organized marketplace and create convenient conditions for the parties to make business deals in alive animals trade.

Animal Market/Farm provides Animal Trade services to farmers and traders from Syunik, Vayots Dzor and other regions of Armenia. Traditional trade transactions between the market players as well as more innovative approaches are applied: Contract Farming is used to coordinate the links between sellers and buyers that demand specific quantity characteristics of the produce.

Animal market/Farm facility includes animal unloading, veterinary checking, keeping and show space areas, as well as areas for feeding, milking, open-air and covered barns for overnight stay.

Administrative/business support unit provides clerical and back office, business support, extension and information advise (e.g. specialized trainings, seminars, conferences, etc) to farmers and market players as well as marketing services (including “new product development” and promotion such as “Contract Farming Model”; organizing various regular competitions amongst farmers on “Best Farmer”, “Owner of the best animal”, etc.).

Trade Outlet/Showroom for Veterinary Medicine and Inputs offers a wide range of veterinary medicines, tools and equipment as well as embedded extension services to local veterinarians, farmers and other interested groups.

Trade Outlet/Showroom for Agro Inputs offers varieties of animal husbandry related equipment, agricultural machinery and tools as well as inputs for land cultivation (seeds, fertilizers, etc.).

Catering Facility offers national fast food sourced from local farms and orchards to promote small-scale regional producers and cooked in accordance with local traditions and context.

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