Training course for farmers from Shirak and Gegharkunik marzes of RA

On January 24-26 of this year, within the framework of the “Livestock Development in Armenia: South-North 2” project implemented by the “Strategic Development Agency” NGO, training courses for farmers of Ashotsk, Amasia, and Azatan communities of Shirak Marz and farmers from Chambarak community of Gegharkunik Marz were held on the following topics “Maintaining of animal health and the advantages of artificial insemination” and “Improving the yield and nutritional quality of forage crops”.

During the trainings, the farmers were introduced to the measures of animal health protection, the advantages of artificial insemination used for breed characteristics’ improvement, and the basics of effective fodder production.

A detailed reference was made to the zoo-hygienic conditions of the cattle sheds, specifics of animal care, feeding, watering, preventive vaccinations, the necessity to fight against parasites, early detection and prevention of mastitis, as well as fodder production in the conditions of climate change.