Veterinarians’ and AI technicians’ business skills development during the COVID-19

On 02-03.11.2021, a training course on “Veterinarians’ business skills development during the COVID-19″(Crisis Management) was held in Jermuk within the framework of the “Livestock Development in the South of Armenia” project implemented by the Strategic Development Agency (SDA) and funded by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (SDC) with an aim to develop the business skills and mindset of veterinarians’ and AI technicians in the target communities, as well as to show them the right way to orient themselves in crisis situations, such as COVID-19. Veterinarians and insemination technicians from Syunik և Vayots Dzor marzes participated in the training. “From specialist to businessman”, “Crisis-change management”, “phygital solutions” and other sections were included in the topic sections of the meeting.

On 03-05.11.2021, Jermuk training was followed by the year-end meeting-discussion of Syunik and Vayots Dzor marzes’s veterinarians and AI technicians in Syunik AnimalMarket, which was attended by 44 specialists, including 7 representatives of 4 supply companies. The general purpose of the meeting was to discuss the problems encountered by service providers during the pandemic and the ways to solve them. On the first day, the results of the program interventions by regions were introduced to participants then the participants were individually presented with the problems that arose during the crisis, their own options for overcoming them, and the success stories. At the end of the day, with the consent of the participants, an electronic platform was set up, which is intended exclusively for veterinarians, insemination technicians, to discuss narrow specialized issues, provide news, exchange information, make new contacts, and carry out similar activities. On the second day of the meeting, the supply companies presented the news on the Armenian veterinary market, the methods to apply them, and discussed new ways of cooperation with veterinarians. The meeting concluded with a course on “Pathological changes in various diseases”, thanks to which the participating veterinarians gained new knowledge to diagnose diseases in the post-mortem stage.